Ticket FAQs

Are your tickets transferrable?

Yes, they are! We will have a deadline date for those we can process to occur before EarpFest. However, if something happens and you cannot attend last minute please always get in contact and we will see what we can do for you. We understand life happens, and we will always try and find a way to help.


Can I upgrade my ticket?

On-site, cash-only upgrades may be available at EarpFest but this is subject to availability.


I’m an Earper with special requirements and I need some provisions made to help me buy a ticket or attend EarpFest, what do I do?

Our policy is to deal with each person who requires alternative provisions personally and as individuals rather than have a blanket policy for all needs.

How it works:

You tell us your requirements.

We accommodate them as best we can and talk to you about any alternatives we can offer if required.

You will be given a card that states your agreed provisions (not any details you do not wish to share) that will be stamped and signed by EarpFest. This is usually done by Cathy Brown who is a Registered Nurse, Elizabeth Brown who is an Epilepsy Specialist Support Worker who works within Disability Services or Joanne Joinson one of the Accessibility Team for Anfield home of Liverpool Football Club. This card can be presented to our team and the accommodation will be made unless the provision requires something already in situ i.e. Space made for a mobility aid. Which we will aim to be in place prior to you requiring it.

We are legally obligated by the UKs Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and so are our venues and the companies we use during the convention. Also any information you share is subject to the Data Protection Act, we will not unescessarily share your information or share it without your permission.

We look forward to assisting you to Earp it your way at EarpFest.


What is VAT?

VAT is the local tax here in the UK. It currently stands at 20%. We have decided to absorb this cost into our ticket prices and will only have to pass on the booking fees which are substantially less to you, the EarpFam. We have made this decision to make our convention as financially viable for you, the fans, as possible.


Why tiers?

We did a ticketing survey which we ran from our site and socials. Over three hundred responses were received and 75% of you wanted a tiered system with a VIP pass. We have tried to make an affordable option for everyone.


How will I get to choose who my ops are with?

Closer to EarpFest we will be sending out a form to choose your preferences for selfies, autos and photo ops included in the package you have purchased. As there are a limited number of ops for the weekend and we have set aside some for included ops and some for when ops go on sale (this is to give the most amount of fans the opportunity to get their ops with their faves) we will be asking you to pick a first, second and third preference.

Those with a Highlands Historian pass will receive all their first choices for their included ops unless their first choice unfortunately has to cancel, Those with Lowlands Lab Tech passes will have one guaranteed first preference with their included ops, again unless their first choice cancels. All other included ops will be done on a random lottery for first choice preferences and then we will move to second and if we must, third.


Why are your ops limited?

There are only so many hours in the day and therefore sadly only so many ops that can be physically achieved in that timeframe. In order to reduce wait times, and the chances of being rushed through and/or queuing for ages to end up not getting your op we have limited our numbers. We have tried to have enough ops in total for you all to have something with your faves but we cannot guarantee this.


What if my first preference cancels?

We will do everything we can to find a suitable alternative, this will depend on how close to EarpFest it occurs, who else we have available and how many of the op you want we can make available. But we will always try out best.


Can I bring my fully functioning weapon to EarpFest?

The short answer is nope. This is to protect you and the EarpFam and to ensure everyone feels safe at the Fest.

Where can I find out more information about your ops?

Please visit our terms and conditions page, where we have compiled all the information we think you’ll need about the ops we offer. If we have left anything out, we are only human (although we do not discriminate against angels, vampires, revenants, or other), so please contact us directly to clarify things for you.

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to go to EarpFest but I have some questions you haven’t answered?

Get in touch. Ask us your questions and if we don’t know we will do our best to find out.

I don’t like something EarpFest is doing or has done?

Get in touch with us. If we made a mistake we will try and rectify it. If it was something we have/had to do we will try to explain why and if it was a total random accident we will see what we can do. Honesty is the best policy in this case.