Board of Directors



Liz is a proud Australian though she returned to the scene of the crime (England). Liz Brown is an Epilepsy Specialist, Learning Support Assistant and former Adventure Sports Manager currently studying final year Chemistry. The illegitimate love child of adult Hermione Granger and Deadpool she is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion. Hoping to one day major in Social Media studies at the Emily Andras School of Twitter, Liz is totally here for Fandras… it’s a thing.



JoJo, with more jerseys in her wardrobe than Stevie G, this little gem hails from the People’s Republic of Scouse where she works in Security and Event Management. Jo Joinson is a Kat Barrell fan (understatement), but sadly lacks the B-Ball skills and height advantage of her hero.


CC of the Great White North aka Alberta, Canada is recently home from her own trip to the salt flats on her motorcycle (Saoirse). Cathy Brown is a Nurse Navigator, sits on the board of her Nursing association and has been involved in other conventions. Kate Drummond is her homegirl and she’s all about the Lucado BOOM!.


Alissa is our resident fanfic writer and tarot enthusiast. An elusive Channel Islander, she can most often be found in her natural habitat at the seaside. When not retweeting astrology threads or waxing lyrical about Tamara Duarte, she is a civil servant by profession but much prefers spending her time writing, whether that be fiction, poetry, or film and television articles for the website Flip Screen.


Planning Committee



Mica, a Portuguese living in London, works in advertising in the city but travels back to the Portuguese sun as often as she can. You may have seen her cosplay Jeremy but don't ask her to pick a favourite because she can't choose between Varun, Dom and Tamara. A Hufflepuff at heart, she has been known to Slytherin once in a while



Maral aka Marla is a Crazy Fun Swedish chick from the land of Ikea and Meatballs. Maral Rezaei works as a media technician for Sweden tv, is a total wizard and the planniest planner to ever plan (second to our very own dear Waverly of course). She has attended many conventions and loves WayHaught with all her heart!


Hannah is the host of the UK Wynonna Earp Hangout – Tea & Biscuits. She very much enjoys Twitter and finds she knows many little things but is not really the master of any of them! Her greatest joy in life is providing UK (and the rest of Europe) some representation in the Wynonna Earp scene and doing her best to help anyone she can feel included in the fandom.



Miri is our Brazilian living in London, working as a Croupier in one of London’s premier Casinos. Mirina Faria is an Earper with quite a few Earp Cons under her belt and loves both her found family here in the UK and her 4 Brazilian siblings and family. Mirina is a talented digital artist and photographer. Mirina’s favourite cast member is Dominique P-C.


Joe loves nothing more than creating pieces of artwork for various fandoms but is most famous for coming up with the hand sign for Wynonna Earp. A passionate advocate for inclusion and disability access this local Glaswegian is a perfect fit for our Scottish extravaganza


Kathie, a Californian Kitchen Designer and kick ass cosplayer is a convention junkie, and Wynonna Earp is just the latest addition to her fan fix. Kathie Moon is a proud Mama of a pack of furbabies. Sweet Kathie loves women with attitude and is torn between Mercedes, Widow Mercedes and Lucado as her favourite Purgatory inhabitants.



Mary, who also resides in California, is a Retail Manager for a large Bookstore chain and arm candy for the cosplay tour de force that is her and her wife. Mary Kibling-Moon is another convention veteran  Mary thinks Rosita’s ultimate “Boobs McSeltzer” recipe is what won her on to Team Tamara, and doesn’t let a little thing like stealing the heir’s heir tarnish her Duarte dream.


Shaz originally from the wilds of Essex but now also residing in Liverpool. Our resident skin art enthusiast is involved in Tattoo conventions. Sharona Barnes is a Prison Warden and former Security Manager. She's a massive Dominique P-C fan and total badass.