Updated: 14th June 2022:

Below is the form to fill out if you wish to receive a refund for any solo extras purchased for Tim Rozon. The form will close on Friday June 17 and no more refund requests will be accepted after this date

Please note there is no set time frame for receiving refund as we have to process each one individually you will however receive a email once your refund has been processed so no need to contact us. Extras not refunded will automatically be transferred to Charlotte.

Any one wishing to transfer extras to Charlotte just bring your original ticket to exchange for equivalent at convention.

Apply for your Tim Solo Extras Refund

Tim Rozon Extras Update:

-Solo extras included with entry tickets will automatically be transferred over to the new guest replacing Tim in our lineup (no exceptions)

-Duo photos included with HH ticket will be given a new set of options when line up complete.

-Solo extras purchased (Selfies, Combos, Autos, Solo Photos, Solo M&G) will have the option to transfer to the new guest replacing Tim in our lineup (no exceptions) or fill out a refund form we will post when new guest has been announced.

-Duo photos purchased will be automatically refunded check your emails.

-Refund form for solo extras will be posted once the guest replacing Tim in our line up is announced. There will be a set time frame to fill out form and after this date any extras not claimed will be automatically assigned to the new guest.

-As we will have to do each refund separate this process will take some time to complete on our end, so no set date on when you will receive your refund. We will however send an email to those requesting a refund with full details once we have processed your claim.