Join us in Glasgow, Scotland 1st - 3rd July 2022

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Previous Tickets bought on FIXR are still valid and unless stated otherwise will be able to be used at the event

Just a reminder that cast members are flying internationally and are subject to luggage space and customs restrictions.

If you were thinking of giving gifts please opt for one the following alternatives:

1. A letter or a card.

2. Bring the item for the cast to see then either having them autograph it or use it in your selfie or photo op, before taking it home with you.

Latest News

First look at Lora Innes limited edition exclusive #EarpFest print that will be available to buy at convention. The only way to guarantee one before convention is by purchasing a M&G or a Workshop ticket with print included.

Lora Innes exclusive EarpFest Print
Lora sales date. Weds 25th May 8pm UK Meet& Greet. Sunday 29th May 7pm UK Workshop

Prints will be available to purchase at Lora’s table during convention weekend they are limited. Or you can purchase a M&G/Workshop for Lora with print included to guarantee one before con


Who doesn't love a good game of Pictionary? Join Lora Innes alongside other Earpers for a friendly Meet, Greet & Scribble. If you choose the option with the exclusive print you will be guaranteed it without having to queue. Tickets go on sale Weds 25 May 8pm (UK)

Pictionary With Lora. 30 Min M&Greet where you can play Pictionary and ask questions. M&G With Print= £90, Standard M&G= £35

The amazing Adaline has added 15 more VIP tickets for her concert at EarpFest on July 2nd!
The additional tickets go on sale in our shop on Tuesday May 10!
We will also have an option to upgrade from GA. (contact us to find out how)

adaline convert saturday 2nd july. limited number of additional vip tickets to go on sale tuesday 10th May at 7pm uk