Welcome to EarpFest, the Earpiest party up hill, down glen, and everywhere between!


EarpFest is a fan-formed, fan-run Earper experience associated with EarpFest UK Ltd. (LBG). We are a registered non-profit organisation formed to organise and run a three-day convention dedicated to Syfy hit show Wynonna Earp. We are the first dedicated Wynonna Earp convention in Glasgow, Scotland.


EarpFest is dedicated to celebrating the values of the Earper community, and we aim to embody these values by creating a safe, inclusive, and accepting space. Our board and planning committee is made up solely of volunteers who, as fans of the show, work with the aim of giving back to a show and community that have given us all so much. All proceeds remaining from the convention after expenses will either carry forward to the fund the next Earpfest, or will be donated to a registered charity.


The below terms and conditions enable us to run the convention and they apply to all convention attendees. By registering to attend EarpFest you accept these terms and conditions in full, so please read the following important information carefully.




All weekend passes purchased for EarpFest are non-refundable.


Should you be unable to attend the event, transfers to someone else may be permitted. You must notify us of the transfer in advance of the convention. Transfers conducted without our foreknowledge may result in the new owner of the ticket being unable to register at the event. Please note that all transfers between persons are conducted at the seller and purchaser’s own risk and discretion. EarpFest will not be held responsible for any issues arising due to third party sales.


Upgrades to higher-level passes (i.e. the owner of a Tier 2 Lowlands Lab Tech pass wishing to upgrade to our VIP Highland Historian pass) are permitted only on-site at the convention. Upgrades will be cash-only and subject to availability.


For those who did not purchase in advance, passes and tickets may be available to purchase on-site and in cash at our registration desk. This will be subject to availability. Tickets may be sold out before the event begins and it is advisable to purchase all tickets in advance.


You must be in possession of a valid weekend pass to purchase extras such as autographs, selfies, photo ops, meet and greets, etc.


Purchase of any tickets must be intended for your personal use. While transfers may be permitted, you may not procure tickets with the sole intention of undertaking third-party sales. You may not procure tickets with the sole intention of selling or transferring them for your own commercial gain.


Tickets will not be posted out to you in advance. You will be issued with an e-ticket which you must present at registration in exchange for a badge and wristband to enter convention activities. Badges and wristbands must be worn at all times. E-tickets can be presented on a mobile device or in print, however we urge our attendees to consider the environment when printing documents.


Any person wishing to be accompanied by a carer should contact us to facilitate the provision of a free carer ticket. Carer tickets are valid for entry to the event only and are intended to allow carers to accompany an attendee with accessibility requirements. Carers are NOT able to purchase extras such as autographs, selfies, photo ops, meet & greets etc. They may attend any part of the convention only if they are accompanying the ticket holder for whom they are a carer.


Children aged 12 and under may enter the event for free with a paid adult admission, but must have their attendance registered by reserving one of our Wee Earper weekend passes in advance. Proof of age may be required at registration. One free Wee Earper pass permitted per full price pass purchased. All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or above. Tickets for selfies, autographs, and photo ops may be purchased for children under 12, however children will NOT be allowed to enter Meet & Greet sessions, the VIP Friday night party, or the Saturday night afterparty. Children are permitted in the vendor area and panel rooms.


By purchasing a ticket and attending the event, you agree to comply with all reasonable instructions issued by EarpFest, security personnel, management, and the venue owners. See more on conduct below.


EarpFest reserves the right without liability or limitation to refuse sales, registration, or admission at our own discretion to any person who fails to comply with these terms and conditions or who, in the opinion of our staff, represents a security risk or disruption to the running of the convention.



EarpFest aims to make all reasonable accommodations for our attendees to ensure they have a positive experience at the convention. Please advise us at earpfest@outlook.com if you have any special requirements, or any questions relating to our accessibility policies.


If you have hotel accessibility questions please also contact the Glasgow Marriott Hotel who will be able to answer location-specific questions.




EarpFest will undertake every reasonable effort to ensure the viability of the convention. In the unlikely event that matters outside of our control result in the cancellation of the event, EarpFest will not be liable for any charges from third parties and shall not provide any refunds for third party expenditure such as accommodation or travel costs.


All Wynonna Earp guests commit to appear at EarpFest in good faith, however unforeseen events or unexpected work commitments may cause guests to cancel at any time. While we understand that guest cancellations are disappointing - and as a fan-run event we at EarpFest share this feeling - all weekend passes guarantee access to the convention and do not guarantee the attendance of a particular advertised guest. Weekend passes and VIP events therefore remain non-refundable, even in the event of a guest cancellation.


If you have purchased additional tickets such as photo ops, autographs, or selfies for a guest who is no longer able to attend, these tickets may be transferred to be used with another confirmed guest. Any photo op, autograph, selfie, workshop, or meet & greet ticket purchased for a guest who has cancelled which has not been transferred to another guest, will be refunded within 30 business days after the end of the convention.





EarpFest is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and fun environment for all. Therefore, all persons present (including, but not limited to, attendees, guests, convention staff, vendors, and volunteers) are expected to adhere to rules that ensure respectful treatment at the convention and all associated activities.


We expect all persons present to be courteous to others and to embody Earper principles of kindness, tolerance, and respect at all times. As such EarpFest will not tolerate any disrespectful, threatening, or inappropriate behaviour. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind, including, but not limited to, harassment on the grounds of ethnicity, national origin, race or colour, religious or political background, gender identity or expression, sexual or romantic orientation, age, or disability.


EarpFest reserves the right without liability or limitation to remove from the convention or associated activities without refund, any person who is engaging in behaviour that we deem to be threatening, or that we feel has the effect of abusing, harassing, or annoying another person present.


Anyone deemed to pose a disruption, nuisance, annoyance, threat, or risk to the event or to any other persons present may be given a warning and asked to cease any unacceptable behaviour immediately. However, EarpFest reserves the right to remove or escort anyone who breaks conduct guidelines from the convention without warning. In certain circumstances, local authorities may be asked to intervene.


EarpFest does not condone underage drinking or the consumption of any substances prohibited by UK law. Alcohol will be served at our events only to those who can provide a valid ID as proof of age. The legal age of alcohol consumption in the UK is 18+. If we determine that any attendee, guest, convention staff member, vendor, or volunteer is intoxicated or under the influence of a prohibited substance, we may ask them to leave convention or associated activity or event.


During the convention, if you witness or experience directly any behaviour you deem to be inappropriate, then we urge you to report it immediately to a member of staff or security. Staff and security will be located throughout the venue and will be easily identifiable by their badges and t-shirts.




EarpFest restricts all unauthorised photography, filming, and sound recording at the convention and associated activities and events. We strictly prohibit all unauthorised transmitting of visual or audio material, data, or information. This includes any form of live streaming at the event or associated activities. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be given a warning and asked to delete any unauthorised recordings or photographs. Further breaches may result in the person being removed from the event.


Please consider and respect other attendees, the guests, and hotel staff when taking personal photos in authorised convention areas. It is prohibited to take photos or videos of cast or crew members as they are moving around the convention venue, as well as during photo ops, selfies (except for your own personal selfie op/s - please read below), autographs, workshops, meet and greets, or VIP events.


By attending the convention, you acknowledge and consent to filming, photography, and sound recording during the event and activities. You also consent to EarpFest’s use of any such recorded material for promotional, marketing, or other purposes.




Although EarpFest encourages costume play (“cosplay”) some restrictions apply. We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all persons present, and as such all cosplay weapons must be fake, must not function at the convention, or have ever functioned at any time in the past. Cosplay firearms should not be able to shoot anything, and prohibited items include BB or airsoft guns.


All cosplay weapons and props must be inspected upon arrival, and will be given an identifying tag if deemed admissible to the convention. If they are not deemed admissible, they must be immediately removed from the convention venue. Our decision on all weapons and props is final. Failure to respect this decision, or the possession of any real weapons in the convention venue, will result, as deemed appropriate by staff, in confiscation of the item, ejection from the convention without refund, and the involvement of local authorities.




Autographs and selfies will be available to purchase prior to the convention and may be sold on-site subject to availability. They will be available to purchase separately or together (as a “combo” purchase). A valid weekend pass is required to purchase autographs and selfies. Please bring and present your autograph, selfie, or combo tickets to the event.


The purchase of an autograph ticket can be used to obtain a signature on ONE item of your choice, or on a photo provided by the guest. If you would like to obtain a signature on multiple items, please purchase the equivalent number of autograph tickets. Guests reserve the right to refuse signature on any items deemed inappropriate. Guests reserve the right to refuse autographs to anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable. Unauthorised photography, video, or audio recordings are not permitted in the autograph room. Anyone caught violating this policy will be asked to delete all unauthorised recordings and may be asked to leave without refund.


The purchase of a selfie ticket can be used to obtain a photograph on a mobile device of your own with ONE guest. You are not permitted to operate this device in order to obtain any unauthorised photographs, audio, or video recordings outside of the selfie granted to you by purchase of your ticket. It is forbidden to use screen recording software whilst taking selfies with guests. Guests reserve the right to refuse selfies to anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable. Guests reserve the right to refuse poses at their own discretion.


Autograph and selfie sessions are separate and are subject to time constraints. We will do our best to ensure every attendee receives the autographs and selfies they have purchased. Please check the schedule for designated autograph and selfie sessions and plan your day accordingly.


Due to time constraints we ask that you limit conversations with guests to a reasonable duration, with respect for all attendees in the queue. Our staff and volunteers will monitor queues and reserve the right to ask you to finish your conversation and allow the next attendee to obtain their selfie or autograph.





Professional photo ops will be available to purchase prior to the convention and may be sold on-site subject to availability. A valid weekend pass is required to purchase photo ops. Please bring and present your photo op tickets to the event.


If you wish to have more than one attendee in a photo op the following will apply:

  • For solo photo ops each attendee must be in possession of a valid ticket for the solo photo in question. You will then be able to choose between the following options:

  1. You will be allowed one pose per ticket holder. Each pose will then be printed once. Additional prints can be purchased. For example, if you wish to share a solo photo op with two friends, you will need to present three tickets in the photo room and pose with the guest three times. You will receive three prints, each one with a different pose and you must distribute those between you at your own discretion. To reprint the photos you will need request and purchase additional prints.


  1. You will be allowed one pose and will be supplied with a print for each ticket holder. For example, if you wish to share a solo photo op with two friends, you will need to present three tickets in the photo room. You will then agree to do only one pose and you will receive three prints, one for each of you.

  • For duo, trio, or group photos a maximum of two attendees may attend the photo op with one photo op ticket. Only one print and one pose will be allowed. Additional prints may be purchased on-site. Should you wish to have more than one pose, an additional photo op must be purchased.


We ask that you do not request a photo pose that will be uncomfortable for or potentially hazardous to our guests. Guests reserve the right to refuse photos to anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable. Guests reserve the right to refuse poses at their own discretion.


Unauthorised photography, video, or audio recordings are not permitted in the photo rooms. Anyone caught violating this policy will be asked to delete all unauthorised recordings and may be asked to leave without refund.


Photo op sessions are subject to time constraints. We will do our best to ensure every attendee receives the autographs they have purchased. Due to time constraints and out of respect for other attendees, we ask that you limit conversations with guests to requesting and explaining poses as concisely as possible.





Meet & Greets and a VIP party will be offered at the event. These ops will be limited in number and require the purchase of a valid pass and an additional op ticket, subject to availability.


Guests refuse the right to meet with attendees at their own discretion.


It is mandatory to abide by all conduct rules (see above) during these events and activities. Anyone who is seen to be breaking any conduct rules may be removed from the activity, and the convention itself, without warning. EarpFest reserves the right to refuse entry to Meet & Greets, Workshops, and VIP events to anyone we deem poses a disruption, nuisance, annoyance, threat, or risk to any other persons present.


Unauthorised photography and audio or video recordings are not permitted at Meet & Greets, Workshops, and VIP events unless authorised by a guest or staff member. You are not permitted to ask for selfies or autographs with guests at these events.



EarpFest reserves the right to amend and update these terms and conditions without notice. The terms and conditions in force at the time of convention will apply to all attendees.


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please contact us at earpfest@outlook.com or on our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages.

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Volunteering Terms and Conditions


Our Mission at Earpfest is to foster an environment where all guests, attendees, staff and volunteers can enjoy a fun and safe time while attending our convention.  We are creating an environment based on inclusivity and respect and we expect our volunteers to help make this happen.


Our volunteers are representatives of Earpfest and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a member of the Earpfest team at all times.  Inappropriate behaviour towards any guests, attendees, members of staff or other volunteers will not be tolerated. This includes unwanted physical contact, inappropriate comments or any other behavior deemed a violation of policy.  Any volunteer found to be engaging in any of these behaviours risks the loss of their volunteer privileges as well as possible expulsion from the convention.


Also, any volunteer found filming or photographing guests or attendees without their consent will be removed from the team.  All phones, cameras or recording devices must be kept put away while volunteers are working.  


Volunteers are also expected to help monitor the attendees, if you see something, say something.   Volunteers are required to report any inappropriate behaviour or emergency situation to a member of staff or the security team immediately so we can act accordingly.


Volunteers must dress in a professional and appropriate manner.  While on duty you will be required to wear an Earpfest volunteer t-shirt.   Most volunteers will be standing and walking for the majority of their time so we ask for both their comfort and safety that comfortable shoes be worn.  We will not permit anyone to wear clothing that contains offensive language or slogans.


All volunteers are required to check in with the volunteer coordinators in the volunteer room thirty minutes prior to the start of their shift.  


Volunteers may not approach or contact any of our guests with any special requests and all volunteers are prohibited from entering the green room.  Any volunteer engaging in this behaviour will receive disciplinary action and may risk being removed from the team.


Volunteers are allowed to purchase extras but will be limited to two extra activities per day.  This includes, autographs, selfies or photographs. We will try our best to make accommodations but unfortunately volunteers will not be permitted to attend meet and greets or workshops.  If any volunteer wishes to purchase extras they must contact the volunteer coordinators as soon as possible.

If you are selected as a volunteer and have already purchased a ticket, Fixr allows you to resell your ticket. We regret we cannot offer refunds.


Please send any questions to:  earpfestvolunteers@outlook.com