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Open- 1st Dec 2019
Close- 31st January 2020
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Volunteering Terms and Conditions


Our Mission at Earpfest is to foster an environment where all guests, attendees, staff and volunteers can enjoy a fun and safe time while attending our convention.  We are creating an environment based on inclusivity and respect and we expect our volunteers to help make this happen.


Our volunteers are representatives of Earpfest and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a member of the Earpfest team at all times.  Inappropriate behaviour towards any guests, attendees, members of staff or other volunteers will not be tolerated. This includes unwanted physical contact, inappropriate comments or any other behavior deemed a violation of policy.  Any volunteer found to be engaging in any of these behaviours risks the loss of their volunteer privileges as well as possible expulsion from the convention.


Also, any volunteer found filming or photographing guests or attendees without their consent will be removed from the team.  All phones, cameras or recording devices must be kept put away while volunteers are working.  


Volunteers are also expected to help monitor the attendees, if you see something, say something.   Volunteers are required to report any inappropriate behaviour or emergency situation to a member of staff or the security team immediately so we can act accordingly.


Volunteers must dress in a professional and appropriate manner.  While on duty you will be required to wear an Earpfest volunteer t-shirt.   Most volunteers will be standing and walking for the majority of their time so we ask for both their comfort and safety that comfortable shoes be worn.  We will not permit anyone to wear clothing that contains offensive language or slogans.


All volunteers are required to check in with the volunteer coordinators in the volunteer room thirty minutes prior to the start of their shift.  


Volunteers may not approach or contact any of our guests with any special requests and all volunteers are prohibited from entering the green room.  Any volunteer engaging in this behaviour will receive disciplinary action and may risk being removed from the team.


Volunteers are allowed to purchase extras but will be limited to two extra activities per day.  This includes, autographs, selfies or photographs. We will try our best to make accommodations but unfortunately volunteers will not be permitted to attend meet and greets or workshops.  If any volunteer wishes to purchase extras they must contact the volunteer coordinators as soon as possible.

If you are selected as a volunteer and have already purchased a ticket, Fixr allows you to resell your ticket. We regret we cannot offer refunds.


Please send any questions to:  earpfestvolunteers@outlook.com